Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
I try 2 make out n I try 2 guess..
But my Knees go weak n I go helpless…
As black as da night sky…
But still I get lost as much as I try…


Ur eyes.
.Sanity they defy..
Thousands of secrets they hide…
Rebelling against da rules we abide..
Not having words 2 speak…
Still sayin everythn as they peek…

Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
Careless about da world which traverse by..
Giving looks which could make heavens feel shy..
Peer at me with the want of care..
Askin me questions abt da times of despair..

Ur eyes..
Sanity they defy..
Unable 2 bear the pain..
They look at me again..
Love is wat it asks with hope and fear..
As a pearl falls by in the form of a tear!!!!!!!