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Thread: End Of The Jouney

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    End Of The Jouney

    Sometimes as I lay awake in the night
    My brain puts up a fight
    My heart tells me a love tale
    Hoping this time I will not fail


    I ask myself
    Do I really want her love?
    Do I really want to keep on trying?
    When all she has given me
    Endless nights, when I kept on crying

    I ask myself again
    Will the rain pour love again?
    Thereís too much of this pain
    And all my hopes have ended in vain

    My brain tells me to move on
    My heart tells me to hang on
    To be honest, Iíve forgotten her face
    What she looked like?
    Her sweet smell and her tender touch
    I now really donít remember much

    I want to end this feeling now
    There has been enough crying
    I am tired of trying
    I will bury my feelings in time
    I pray Iíll end up fine
    As I write these verses, I realise Iím crying
    But Iíll wait for my days to turn sunny
    Sometimes.... itís good to end the journey.

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    hmm can i say..that the emotion has been articulated well....

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    hmm its passing through the veins

    thanx dear

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