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Thread: Diabetes Type I & II - Cure in 72hrs

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    Diabetes Type I & II - Cure in 72hrs

    The video explodes the biggest ever deception of the modern medical science i.e Diabetes. It also attempts to explain that diabetes is less of an endocrine disorder and more of a political disease and finally equips the reader with a simple method which can help an individual to cure himself of 3D's - Diabetes, Drugs & Doctors and save the nation of a massive economic burden. This video is an outcome of author's personal account of living in a nation with highest percentage of diabetes patients (Kuwait, 17.5%) to spending time with the world's longest living human (121 yrs old Nguyen Thi Tru).

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    Diabetes Type I & II - Part 1

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    Diabetes Type I & II - Part 2

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