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Thread: Blindness in Pakistan - LRBT Documentary

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    Blindness in Pakistan - LRBT Documentary

    "The greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight, but no vision." -- Helen Keller
    In Pakistan, almost 1.7 million people suffer from blindness, causing an annual loss of productivity of Rs.69 billion to the nation's GDP. Not to forget another 17 million who have impaired vision. Like Sajida's family, most of the afflicted people are poor with little or no means to survive leave aside support.
    Although 85% blindness is curable, a vast majority simply can't afford the treatment due sheer poverty.
    There are 1.7 million people in the country who are blind causing an Annual loss of Rs 69 Billion to the nation's GDP. Another 17 million have Impaired Vision.
    LRBT is a beacon of hope for the poor blind people in Pakistan. Help us to save them from a life of darkness and destitution.


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