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Thread: My Perfect

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    My Perfect

    I've trawled the oceans,
    the rivers and the seas
    seeking something that's so special
    the likes I've never seen.


    I've searched the beaches
    far and wide
    the coves and pools so deep
    But never have I found
    the item of my quest.

    I've even tried the shops
    the factories and jewelers too
    To no avail
    this thing cannot be found.

    I've been around the world
    asking on my way
    but nobody can tell me,
    where it lies
    or whether it is under, or
    just laying on the ground.

    My search has been in vain,
    to find this perfect piece
    no matter how I try
    the answer's just the same.

    "No we've never seen it,
    look some other place".

    Now after all these years
    of disappointment and distress
    I've given up the chase.
    Because, now I've found what
    I was looking for.

    My perfect pearl is you

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    gud one

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