A Friendship Here and a Friendship There,
Before You Know It they're Every Where!
On the Net, You Meet at Last,
Making Friends In Every Chat.

People You Might Never Have Met,
If It Weren't For this Awesome Net.
They Welcome Us Into their Lives,
Like Flowers to a Butterfly.

A Face You May Never Meet Or See,
But their Hearts Are Shared with You and Me.
Across the Miles they Make their Way,
Sending Emails Every Day.

They Send You Hugs and Kisses,
Vibrant Smiles and Best Of Wishes.
Friendships Born On the Net,
I am so Very Happy That We Met.

May God Bless You and Yours,
And May Guardian Angels Forever Soar.
Watching Over You Every Day,
Keeping You Safe Come What May!!!

my very best friend

Once was here
now is gone
I will always
love forever
the laughs
the tears
the smiles
without her
my life has no direction
no ups nor downs
no smiles or frowns
I miss her
I cry
I see her
I lie
what ever went wrong
I can mend
I will always
love forever
my very best friend