Sultan Mahmod Gaznavi was the greatest ruler of the Gaznavi empire. He was one of the most prominent rulers in the Islamic history. He ruled the empire for bout 33 years. He was born on 2nd November, 971 in Ghazna which is now known as the Afghanistan. His father was Sabuktegein. His father was a Turk Slave soldier.
His rule started in his fatherís place when he captured Ismail in the battle of Ghazni. In 1001 Mahmood started expanding his empire deep down in India. In 1002 he attacked and destroyed the Sistan and dethroned Khalaf 1 in this way he ended the Saffarid dynasty.He died on 30th April 1030. His makbara is located in Ghazna in Afghanistan.

This incident happened after 1000 years of his death when due to some weather conditions his grave was opened. Actually due to bad weather his grave burst open. His body was in a coffin. People came to rebuilt the grave. The opened the coffin with a sense that his body will be in a bad shape.
The first person who opened the grave and looked into the coffin fell back unconscious. More people came to see as well and they were also shocked to see that his body was as fresh as he was alive. His hands were soft like an alive man. He had one hand on his chest and the other straight with his body.
This incident shows that the people who adopt the path and the teachings taught by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ never face the tough times even when they leave this world.