Forthwith I feel utter devastation inside
Whether its me myself or forlorn things beside
the crowd now seems the brutal dire
finding the links of Relations can again attire
Seems unsufferable toxic aside
Again to drink it, or to leave it.
Now i can't decide.
What the time it was, I woke certain thus
Letters ,poems and the quotes attrocious
But now all just the bagful wasted.


I didn't knw, that it can disdain
All the crusades will be just vain
I knew I can't be significant
But i was midst believer, I insanly pretend
Wish I could change the time
Or I could forget the things I Pine
Wish It could make understand
And something, sometime anybody can withstand
May be this lamp start unlit irreversible
This bruises gifted to me is Inconsolable.....