Leave out all - Linkin Park
"Leave Out All the Rest" is the third track and the fifth and final single from Linkin Park's third studio album, Minutes to Midnight. Because of the song's popularity of digital sales during the release week of the album, it charted in the Top 100 songs for that week. On the album, the song segues into "Bleed It Out". It was released on July 15, 2008.
The song starts with a string sample and electric piano intro, followed by the verse. The song is a sort of confession (possibly to a friend or loved one) and an attempt at redemption. The lyrics speak of someone who's made some poor choices in the past and wronged others and that he fears condemnation. It also mentions the differences between two individuals that shouldn't matter. The main person wants to be remembered as a good person in other peoples' memory when he dies or leaves in another way.