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Thread: The Web Blocker

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    The Web Blocker

    Parents, librarians, business owners, and anyone concerned about inappropriate and adult content on the Internet may want to check out The Web Blocker from Webstart Studios. TWB is freeware that lets you filter and block inappropriate content, monitor Internet use, and build customized Block Lists for various users, situations, and content.
    We found TWB to be flexible, easy to use, and perfectly capable of filtering and blocking a wide range of inappropriate or unwanted online content. If you ensure that users subject to TWB do not have administrative privileges, they will be unable to defeat it.


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    Click here to download Web Blocker

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    First of all set your Password for Web Blocker.

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    Web Blocker's interface shows everything. Select your "User" and then enter website's address that you want to block. In this way you can make your own Block List. You can also check for User's History.

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    You can also make White List of website. So User would only access websites in the White List.

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    There some Block Templates; which would block the website containing such content.

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    After blocking a website; specific User would not be able to access it even if the software is deleted.....

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