The Dutch have a deep love affair with bicycles, which is why it was probably deemed a good idea to mix the concept of a treadmill with that of a bike. The resulting contraption kind-of works, and while itís not bad in concept, there would be no reason to get one of these over something more conventional.
Called the Lopifit, itís pretty nifty in its uselessness. You walk on the treadmill which puts current into the battery which in turn drives the rear wheel and pushes you forward. There are conventional bikes out there where the pedals are no longer physically connected to the wheel via chain, and all you do is pedal to recharge and twist the grip to go.
This is very similar but it replaces pedals with the treadmill.
Its creator, Bruin Bergmeester, say the reason behind its inception was the need to combine moving around with keeping fit and being outdoors, although weíre pretty sure regular bikes are a good enough cardio workout as they are.


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