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Thread: Media Player Codec Pack

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    Media Player Codec Pack

    Media Player Codec Pack supercharges your Windows Media Player by adding support for dozens of new video and audio formats. If you'd rather not download a universal player to play all of your favorite songs and movies, this will be an essential boost to your built-in media player.
    This comprehensive pack adds support for FLAC, MP4, FLV, and other video formats as well as some obscure audio files on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. You can install it by choosing between two installation modes -- easy and detailed. We recommend using detailed as you will be able to control exactly which items to install. Media Player Codec Pack sets itself up with recommended settings, but you can change its surround sound, compression, and other settings to fine-tune your media player completely. You can even choose which codec packs you want and which can save space if you think there are some formats you'll never use. Once you have Media Player Codec Pack installed, Windows Media Player plays all of the listed formats without much of a hitch. Additionally, all resolutions, including High-definition (HD) and Standard-definition (SD), are supported.


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    Click here to download Media Player Codec Pack

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    After downloading the software; click on "setup" file for installation and proceed with the given procedure.

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    You can choose differentt components of Codec Pack and then click "Install" button.

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    Set up your video settings according to your Processor and Graphics Card.

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    Select your Hardware Video Decoder and click "Apply".

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    Finally make desired Audio Settings and click "Apply" to finish the setup.

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