142 is an SY class 2-8-2 'mikado' built in 1989 by the Tangshan Locomotive Works, and has been running on the Bel-Del since 2003. With special permission from the railroad, we were able to get shots of 142 under the I-78 bridge and the Kilns. We did NOT tresspass in order to obtain this footage. We also see her at Carpentersville, the 2nd road crossing along River Road, running alongside River Road, and backing up at the current end of the line at Pincher's Point. 1.6 miles to go til they reach their goal of Riegelsville, NJ. 142 put on a fantastic show for us. I thank the Delaware River Railroad Excursions for accommodating us, as well as koasterkidd for the ride up. Enjoy folks!

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