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Thread: Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas ᴷᴬ

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    Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas ᴷᴬ

    Baleia Condo is a private residence designed by Studio Arthur Casas.
    It is located in So Sebastio, Brazil, and has spectacular beachfront views.
    The location of this condo is unique, between a large rain forest reserve that covers the mountains of Serra do Mar and the almost untouched beach of Baleia, in the northern coast of the state of So Paulo. Our client wanted to build four houses in the plot that is relatively small. The project had to ally privacy for each house with an architecture that should reveal the landscape.
    Our idea was to create a single plan for all the houses that should work as a unity taking advantage of the diagonal of the plot. By doing so the wall of the neighboring house could become an interesting space for the adjacent house, in a delicate game of constructed and empty spaces. The house is relatively narrow but very rich in paths and views.
    The section demonstrates quite clearly this division of spaces. A central patio becomes an interior garden while bringing abundant light to the core of the house.
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