Tiger man John Wagenaar might make you rub your eyes in disbelief - as he smiles to the camera while a giant 300kg Siberian tiger licks his HEAD. More explosive photos show how the tiger whisperer is able to stand and support two tigers with a combined weight of over 500kg using his arms - as he bottle feeds both of the tigers. Through his unique "love training" brave John is even able to let a huge Bengal tiger female take a cat nap laying on top of him - using his head as a rest for her massive chin. Working at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, cat lover John, 35, is a firm believer in reward-based training of animals. Using chunks of meat, bottled milk and physical contact, John continually rewards good behaviour exhibited by the 20 tigers at the reserve. Apollo, the massive five-year-old male licking John's head was hand-reared by him and thinks John is a parent. Alice, a five-year-old Bengal tiger weighs 200kg and was also hand-reared by John. She is so comfortable with him she happily snoozes laying on top of him. Thor, 250kg and Helen, weighing 180kg, are sibling Siberians both aged three years.

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