The Sound Check Trainer 1.01
Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista, Adobe Flash.
The Sound Check Trainer is a software build on five chapters of video training which explains how to set up and sound check a live band using a medium-sized sound system. The Sound Check Trainer is great for all beginning band sound engineers, live music venue engineers, and church sound system operators.

The program uses a virtual band with drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and vocals as a model to demonstrate the best way to keep a setup, sound check, and performance going smoothly.

The user is taken through the steps needed in order to position microphones, place main and monitor speakers, connect the microphone snake and mixer to the power amplifiers and speakers, connect powered speakers, "gain stage" the system, equalize instruments, eliminate feedback, and finally to the basics of getting a good mix. Connection and use of graphic equalizers and effects processors are also addressed.

For less than the cost of one lesson from a pro audio teacher, The Sound Check Trainer can provide an easy way to achieve a solid foundation of understanding for the beginning sound engineer.