In 1980 a young actor named Robin Williams, hot off his role as television's favorite martian, Mork, starred in his first motion picture, along with actress Shelly Duvall. The musical-comedy Popeye, directed by Robert Altman, was based on a classic cartoon and comic series called; Popeye the Sailor Man. On the European island of Malta, a recreation of Popeye's town, Sweethaven, was constructed for the film. At the time, this permanent and working set was a laboring job taking over 7 months to construct for the production. When the film wrapped, the set remained...and so did the legacy of Popeye that put Malta on the Motion Picture map. Now 22 years later, It's a popular tourist attraction that features walk around characters from the film, a restaurant, gift shop, boat tours and more! Beyond the Marquee's own Jon Donahue (a fan of not only Robin Willliams, but the movie Popeye itself), joined by his friend's Mike, Allison and Elizabeth, set off on an international Road Trip 1/2 way across the globe to check out the fictional town of Sweethaven (aka Popeye Village) and files this report!

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