Some may wonder on contemplating on the glorious Quran, because a whole chapter, even if it is short, is dedicated to refute Abu-Lahab and his wife. They may wonder more and more as his name is explicitly mentioned, though the disbelievers who wronged the prophet Muhammad are too many; yet, the Quran referred to them by hint.
Wonder is increased when we find more concern with the wife of Abu-Lahab, as the chapter mentioned her in particular in two verses out of five verses composing the chapter Al-Masad.

If you want more wonder, be infirmed that the history of Abu-Lahab and his wife to Muslims have no incidents of torture by lashing or swords, injuries, killing or assassination.

Then, why these curses on Abu-Lahab and his wife?!
In short, Abu-Lahab and his wife acted as misleading media tools that their harm extended to large numbers. Too many were rebelled from the right way of Allah through their words and Du`ah suffered of their lies and fraud.
For this reason; the deserved this inclusive curse which befell them in both worlds.

Let's review their disgraceful stances since the very days of Da`wah. It is narrated by Al-Bukhari on the authority of Ibn `Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) who said: when the verse: "Warn your nearest kinsmen" was revealed, the Prophet mounted As-Safa and started calling the various big families of Quraish, "O Bani Fihr! O Bani Adi! until they gathered, and if one was unable to go, he sent a messenger to investigate the matter. Abu-Lahab and Quraish came and the Prophet said: If I tell you that an enemy coming to raid on you from this valley, will you believe me? They said: yes, we always experienced you a truthful. The Prophet said: I am sent a Warner to you from severe torture. Abu-Lahab said: woe be to you all the day, you gathered us for these words?! Therefore, the verses were revealed: (May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he. His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.), Al-Masad, 1,2.

Pay attention to the words of Ibn `Abbas: Abu-Lahab nad Quraish came! The gathering was huge; yet, he specified Abu-lahab as he was the only to proclaim with such words rebelling people from the right way of Allah.
People are naturally disposed to the good that if they listened to the Quran and the Sunnah, most of them would be guided. Such media men and women falsify the facts and frighten people and draw them away from the way of Allah, thus, they become more dangerous to Da`wah than those lashing people or rulers who imprison the faithful. Accordingly, Allah, Almighty, mentioned Abu-Lahab in a way different to the other insolent disbelievers of Quraish who physically tortured Muslims.

The wife of Abu-Lahab is also a dangerous info-woman;
She hated Islam and Muslims and felt envy towards the Prophet and his companions. She was not content to instruct her son to leave the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Ruqaya, as he proposed to her before Islam, but she practiced her role as info-woman by calling the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Mudhamam as opposite meaning to Muhammad meaning dispraise. She also compiled defamatory poetry reading: "We disapprove Mudhamam, his religion we detested, his instructions we disobeyed"

She went promulgating her words here and there feeling no shame to enter the assemblies of men in contradiction to the natural disposition of modesty in women. The chief concern of her was to rebel people from Islam and Muslims.
These stances were not accidental over the life of Abu-Lahab and his wife; rather, they excelled the misleading media.
Um Jamil, the wife of Abu-Lahab, used to follow the news of Muslims and then rushes to convey them from her misleading view. For example, when she knew that the revelation has not come down to the Prophet Muhammad for a period of time, she rushed to the Prophet Muhammad saying: Certainly, your Satan has deserted you. So the Divine Revelation by chapter of Ad-Duha was revealed.

Um Jamil rushed promulgating the news of the delay of revelation, but in misleading manner, that is she replaced revelation by Satan. However, the fact is that an angel descends to the Prophet Muhammad, not a Satan, and he is continuing.

Abu-Lahab also acts similarly, Rabie`ah ibn `Abbad Ad-Diali, was non-Muslim and then converted to Islam, narrated: I have seen the Prophet Muhammad in Dhul-Majaz market while saying: "O people! Say: La ilah illa Allah "No deity but Allah" to be prosperous," there was a cross-eyed, white in two braids man walking at the rear of the Prophet and saying: He is apostate and liar. I, Rabie`ah, asked: who is that man? It was said: he is Muhammad mentioning Prophethood. I asked again: who is that man holding him a liar? It is said: he is his uncle, Abu-Lahab.

Abu-Lahab exercises the same misleading role where he claims that the Prophet Muhammad is a liar while he is quite sure that he is the trust truthful. Also, he claims that the Prophet Muhammad apostate while he knows that he calls to the worship of Allah, the One and they worship idols.

The life story of these two media tools, Abu-Lahab and his wife, are full of many wretched incidents, by which they are despised in the sight of Allah who humbled them in His Book, the Quran, and Muslims till the Day of Judgment keep reading the chapter of Al-Masad.

Two derived lessons from the story of Abu-Lahab and his wife, this story makes me address two significant messages;

First message: to media men and women who falsify the facts and hate Islam and deter Muslims from the straight path of the faithful. I shall address them as follows: Abu-Lahab died shortly after he knew of the victory of Muslims in Badr, he died out of depression and sorrow and ulcer called Al-`Adasa in which the Arabs used to see an evil omen in. several days after he died, none of his kin could approach to burry him, until his corpse was rotted at home. When people reproached his sons of leaving their father rotted, they poured water on him from distance and rapidly carried him in his clothes to the heights ofMeccaand threw him on the mountain ground and kept throwing stoned on him until he was buried. Such horrible end is for any one doing the same and the heaven and earth wept not for them, nor were they reprieved. This is expected humiliation, for Allah, Almighty says: (And he whom Allah humiliates - for him there is no bestower of honor.), Al-Haj, 18.

For misleading media men and women, the chance is still within your hands, so seize the opportunity before it is too late. Be sure that your audience will not weep for you; rather, they will disclaim you and curse you all the time, for they will realize that you never were concerned with their interests or the advantage of home; rather, wealth and fame were your goal, and by then what is your advantage?!

Concerning the misleading Abu-Lahab, Allah, Almighty, said (His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.), Al-Masad, 1,2. What is his fame? It is the fame of perpetrators, corrupters and the disgraced at his time and till Day of Judgment.

Are you satisfied with this end? By Allah I feel pity for you, do you not understand?!
I must declare something very important that I do not hold men and women of media disbelievers; however, I just mention the activities of Abu-Lahab and his wife by which they were mentioned in particular unlike to others. This highlights the enormity of their activities, and it is not surprising for those doing the same to be punished in the same way. Whoever sought his sustenance through repulsing the truth and falsifying it, then it is not strange for him to abandon faith totally through his life, therefore, it is a must to draw the attention to that. Allah, Almighty, says: (No! Rather, the stain has covered their hearts of that which they were earning.), Al-Mutafifin, 14.

Second message: for the truthful, be not overwhelmed by the nonsense of media who copy Abu-Lahab and his wife, where are they now?! Where are the Prophet Muhammad and his companions?
For Abu-Lahab and his life, eternally they are dwelled in hellfire. For the Prophet Muhammad, Allah, Almighty, exalted his esteem, promoted his call and granted him and his companions His victory and we still mention them in praise and Muslims across the globe mediate on their glorious life and great glory.

Have such falsified activities negatively impacted the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?!
Never, he held it very simple and commented beyond imagination. The Prophet heard them mocking him and called him "Mudhamam", what was his reaction? The Prophet addressed his companions saying: (Are you not amazed? See how Allah, Almighty, has dismissed the cursing of Quraish from me?! They curse someone called Mudhamam, while I am Muhammad). The Prophet Muhammad proceeded in the course of Da`wah and instructed his companions to do the same, for the sincere callers to Allah should not be crippled by falsehood.
It is worth mentioning that this reaction of the Prophet was at the time ofMecca, where it was his potentials; however, at the time ofMedina, his reaction was different, but there is no room to detail it here.

Glad tidings to the faithful, be at ease. By Allah! Allah will make your hearts satisfied by the victory of Islam and disgrace afflicting these corrupters and very soon will be the day when such evildoers be lower in the sight of the common, after they were the center of attraction. This is the definite end for those spent their life drawing people away from the straight path of Allah, lord of the worlds, for Allah, Almighty says: (and say, "When is that?" Say, "Perhaps it will be soon), Al-Israa, 51.

I ask Allah to bestow dignity on Islam and Muslims.