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Thread: Türkiye Bolu Yedigöller miili pa rkı

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    Türkiye Bolu Yedigöller milli parkı

    Türkiye Bolu Yedigöller Milli parkı

    Bolu Province is a province in northwestern Turkey. It's an important midpoint between the capital, Ankara and the largest city in the country, Istanbul. It covers an area of 7,410 km², and the population is 271,208.This is an attractive forested mountain district centered on the city of Bolu, which has a long history.

    There is plenty of forest but little agricultural land. There is some garden produce and dairy production including good cheeses and cream, most of this is consumed or sold locally, especially as Bolu has a large passing trade: Bolu Mountain is the major topographical obstacle on the Istanbul-Ankara highway, and until 2007, when the Bolu Mountain Tunnel is being opened, most travelers stopped here for food and refreshment. Bolu has a long tradition of high quality cuisine.


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