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Thread: Hard Time Brain Teaser

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    Hard Time Brain Teaser

    See to the attached picture with the question. It represents as pocket watch that has been rotated. The colored lines represents the hands of the watch. If you are told that the time is somewhere in the afternoon, can you tell the correct time?


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    There are sixty marks in the given figure, thus it is safe to assume that each mark represents a minute.

    Now, the hour hand is on a mark when the minute hand is on [0, 12, 24, 36, 48]. When the minute hand is on a mark, the second hand is on noon. But the orange hand cannot be the second hand. (It would be onnoon and it would be eighteen minutes past/before a full hour.)

    a) Purple is on 12. Green indicates twenty four minutes. orange indicates forty two [minutes] = 8 + 2/5 [hours] = 8:24
    b) Purple is on 12. Green indicates thirty six minutes. orange indicates eighteen [minutes] = 3 + 3/5 [hours] = 3:36
    c) Green is on 12 = 3:36
    d) Green is on 12 = 8:24.

    Please note that the watch could be rotated upside down as well.

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