Paris Hilton: Tyra Banks Show Interview - Video Collection
Paris the Heiress" is first-born in the latest generation of the Hilton family (of swanky hotel fame). Fat trust fund aside, she is also known for being a high-society party girl, part-time model, part-time singer, and quasi-actress.

Despite her protestation that she hates being famous, Paris adores the spotlight and is very uninhibited (as her appearance in a homemade sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon would suggest). Combine that lack of restraint with a pouty, girlish joie de vivre and you've got quite a package -- or a handful, if you tend to be more cynical.

Paris went on The Tyra Show recently and it was a great and really funny interview. Paris Hilton discusses her relationship with guitarist Benji Madden and her reality show ``Paris Hilton s My New BFF ; Tyra takes viewers to a Cosmopolitan magazine luncheon.