AT&T USBConnect Quicksilver External Modem

AT&T's latest external modem is the USBConnect Quicksilver, and this adapter will rely on the latest Icera 3G chipset which works with all three major HSPA frequencies without piling on the bulk. The adapter is tiny enough to feature a swivel cover that keeps the USB port protected whenever the modem isn't in use. Currently, AT&T is pointing to real-world download and upload speeds of 1.7Mbps and 1.2Mbps, respectively. Just in case you travel a whole lot to different areas where HSPA frequencies are unavailable, the USBConnect Quicksilver does support quad-band EDGE and GPRS speeds as well. Both Windows and Mac drivers are already pre-loaded, although you can store more information on it thanks to a microSD memory card slot. You can pick up the Quicksilver for $250 as a standalone device, or for nothing as long as you sign up for a 2-year data plan.