"The Prophet (sa) is not only a model, he is a potential. 'And what I ordered you to do, do it to your potential' and 'be dutiful to God to your potential.' By striving to achieve prophetic character and attitudes, we uncover the greatness in ourselves that we never knew existed!
While the Prophet (sa) is often referred to as a model. In reality, he is a potential. A model is something to be awed, potential is something to be achieved, to be uncovered. That is why Allah says, 'Those who strive toward us, we open doors for them' and the people of Paradise, acknowledging that they had no potential except what Allah granted them will say, 'Praise be to Allah who guided us to this, because without his guidance, we would not be here.'
The door is there. Open it by striving to reach the prophetic potential. Excerpt from today's Friday Sermon