Sunny Deol as Vikram Shergill
A strong personality who epitomizes never-ending hope. Vikram lives for the moment and stands up for social issues and causes. To man patriotism isn't the stereotypical term, but dying for the nations is. As Vikram puts it, "Any act done towards the progress of the country", is patriotism. Vikram believes in putting your sorrows behind and moving on.

Bobby Deol as Dhananjay Shergill
Dhananjay, aka DJ, is a handsome young man whose presence you would miss after a single meeting. He possesses immense charm and affection. DJ's battle of porting himself better than his solar brother is evidence of the child that still lives within him. Yet when need be, that child takes a backseat to let the soldier in him take charge.

Dino Morea as Sahil Naqvi
Sahil Naqvi is a young boy who can be found in every neighborhood. Smart, good-looking and intelligent, he could have easily chosen a lucrative career. Yet he chose to be a soldier.

Salman Khan as Balkar Singh
A man of few words, Balkar Singh is lovable and endearing. His soft - spoken attitude cannot be mistaken for the clarity of thought he possesses. Balkar has pledged his life for his country and everything else follows. Like every man Balkar has beautiful dreams for his family but he knows he might not be able to fulfill them and he does not regret it.

Preity Zinta as Kuljeet Kaur
A woman who's the son of the house, Kuljeet takes pride in being an army man's wife and is happy that her son wants to walk the path as his father. Kuljeet is a loving wife, a caring mother, a single daughter and the best daughter-in-law anyone could ask for. Sacrifice comes naturally to Kuljeet and so does hard work.

Mithun Chakraborty as Dr. Naqvi
Every father brings up his child with one dream. That one day when the child becomes a man, and when he would take care of the old man. Dr. Naqvi is one such man who loves his son to death, yet has masked his feelings even after the vacuum his son's absence has created. Like all fathers, Dr. Naqvi feels incomplete without his son.


Sometimes it takes only a moment to bring about a big change. One experience can transform you forever. One journey can set you on a path that you will follow all your life. Heroes is the story of one such journey. A journey enriched with moments and experience that changes the outlook of two young boys.

Sammy and Ali are childhood friends. They have taken joint decisions in life, right from choosing a school to taking up a career. Even though they are not like-minded, they are together because they rely heavily on each other - two bodies, one soul. Sammy is an eccentric boy, high-spirited and has an uncanny knack of finding humor in the weirdest of situations. He's generous, compassionate yet impulsive. He is like a kid who needs to fall to learn how to walk. Ali on the other hand is quieter and more mature.

Heroes is the story of these two boys who travel a thousand miles to deliver three letters as a part of their film school assignment. But little do they know that the journey they have embarked upon will give a new meaning to their life. They discover the power within themselves to change lives and events that are of importance. Heroes emphasizes on the simple experiences that can awaken feelings of patriotism. A fun road trip for two boys and a series of experiences that finite emotions that have never been experienced before, this is the underlying crux of the film. The film is an attempt to bring out the new age meaning of patriotism - 'You don't have to be a soldier to love your country'