ChitterChatter Phone For Seniors

Old folks can now take advantage of the HOP1890 cell phone, also known as the ChitterChatter. There will be two models available - the dual-band 850/1900MHz for people in the US, while our friends living across the pond will get the 900/1800MHz version. What makes this phone special is the presence of a call center that is open round the clock, all year long. Operators will be available to help you make calls, provide directory assistance as well as help you with setup procedures. The inclusion of GPS/Enhanced Location-Based Services makes it easy for seniors to keep in touch with their friends, at least until the GPS signal of their friends finally rests eternally at a columbarium. Specifications include 300 minutes of talk time, 300 hours of standby time, a bunch of large buttons, a generous display with easy-to-read large text and a dedicated panic button.