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Thread: Adjust Graphics for Speed

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    Adjust Graphics for Speed

    Windows XP has a lot of new cool looking visual elements, however, those new elements take up more RAM and cause your computer to be less responsive. By tweaking your graphics settings, you can increase the performance of your computer.

    To get started, Letís reduce the color quality. This setting determines how many colors are displayed on your screen.

    1. Right click on your desktop and select properties.

    2. Click on the settings tab and adjust the color quality drop down box to Medium (16 Bit).

    3. Click OK.

    Next, letís use the windows performance settings to optimize your computer for performance. This will revert back to the old Windows 2000 look as well as take away a lot of the fancy graphics effects. However, if you are really into performance, this is the price you have to pay.


    1. Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop or in your start panel and select properties.

    2. Next, Click on the Advanced tab and hit the setting button under performance.

    3. On the visual effects tab, select Adjust for Best Performance and hit OK.

    4. Hit OK once more to exit system properties.

    Now your computer will run slightly faster!

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    Nice one Mrina.

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    hai thank u friend for giving good solutions

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    thank you marina

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