Time wasters include things like interruptions such as phone calls or distractions such as noise or uncomfortable temperature. It could also include technology issues like the internet is slow or your computer freezes. And an external time waster could even include waiting on others in order to get your part done.
So here's the key. You want to eliminate or at least minimize the time wasters, especially the self-generated ones.
And no, that doesn't mean you should never watch TV or go on Facebook again. Use these are rewards. Things that you know aren't helping you move closer to your goals but make you happy should still get time in your schedule - I call them your guilty pleasures. Use your guilty pleasures as rewards. For me, that includes naps and watching Mad Men or just generally anything that involves smart, well-dressed, good-looking men.
Start taking control of your time and your schedule by minimizing those time wasters and using your favourite ones as rewards.

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