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Thread: The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show

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    The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show

    GAIKINDO Exhibition history

    1986 – 2014
    GAIKINDO has been hosting automobile exhibition in Indonesia more than 20 years. Started from the first exhibition in
    1986, the exhibition has gone trough several changes and finally evolved into the Indonesia International Motor Show
    endorsed by OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles) in 2006.

    In 11-15 July 1986, the first automotive exhibition hosted by GAIKINDO took place under the name of GAIKINDO Cars
    Exhibition. Supporting “I love Indonesia, I love Indonesian Car”, the exhibition was attended by 13 GAIKINDO members,
    covered 4000 sqm of Jakarta Convention Center.


    Started in 1989, GAIKINDO Car Exhibition changed the exhibition name to Jakarta Auto Expo.

    In 4-10 July 1991, Jakarta Auto Expo held for the 6th times at Jakarta Convention Center. This time the exhibition
    supported the theme In the Race of advanced Technology. The Jakarta Auto Expo was postponed for two years in 1992
    and 1993 due to the government tight money policy.

    Increased economic condition in Indonesia boosted the automotive industry sales volume, motivated GAIKINDO hosted
    the Jakarta Auto Expo in 1994.

    The next exhibition took place in 27 July – 4 Augusts 1996. The 1996 Jakarta Auto Expo sets a record breaking
    achievement compared to the previous one. The 9 days exhibition attended by 18 GAIKINDO members and has drawn
    more than 200.000 visitors.
    Unfortunately, the monetary crisis hits South East Asian countries including Indonesia, has forced GAIKINDO to
    postpone the exhibition for 3 years in a row.

    World economic rehabilitation has brought positive impact to the automotive industries. And once again GAIKINDO
    hosted an automotive exhibition in year 2000. The exhibition changed the name again from Jakarta Auto Expo to
    Gaikindo Auto Expo. Organized by a professional exhibition organizer PT. Dyandra Promosindo, gaikindo Auto Expo
    covered a total of 20.000 sqm of Jakarta Convention center, and attended by 115 automotive related companies.

    The 12th Gaikindo Auto Expo held in 19 – 27 Juli 2003. Attended by 150 automotive related companies, and covered
    35.000 sqm of Jakarta Convention Center. The 12th Gaikindo Auto Expo drew more than 180.000 visitors. From this year
    on Gaikindo Auto Expo arrange a VIP & Press day. The 10 days exhibition reached total transaction of 600 billion

    The 13th Gaikindo Auto Expo took place in 8-17 July 2005 at Jakarta Convention Center, covering 3000 sqm of Jakarta
    Convention Center and attended by 152 automotive related companies. The 13th Gaikindo Auto Expo drew a total of
    161.089 visitors, and a total transaction of 1, 19 trillion rupiahs, fantastic achievement compared to the transaction in
    previous year, increased up to 300%.

    The exhibition reached a new platform by becoming an international-scale exhibition endorsed by OICA (Organisation
    Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles) an international organization whose membership comprises 42
    national trade associations around the world, included all major automobile manufacturing countries all over the world.
    OICA maintains permanent committees which conduct activities in 4 major fields: technical affairs, industrial and
    economic policy, industry statistics, and the Organization’s Exhibition Committee that coordinates international motor
    shows throughout the world. With this achievement, the exhibition changed the name to The 14th Indonesia
    International Motor Show. Held on 21-30 July 2006, the exhibition drew 165.984 visitors and reached a total
    transaction of 1, 005 trillion rupiahs.

    The 16th Indonesia International Motor Show held on 19-28 July 2007, supported the theme Green Better Living
    reflecting effort of Indonesia automotive industry to support the world fight against global warming. The 9 days
    international scale automotive exhibition reached a total transaction of 1,5 trillion rupiahs. Supported with activity
    programs and entertainment, The 16th Indonesia International Motor Show drew 167.030 visitors.

    Endorsed for the 2nd time by OICA (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles), The 17th Indonesia
    International Motor Show took place at the Jakarta Convention Center 11-20 July 2008. The exhibition covered 60.216
    sqm indoor and outdoor area of JCC. Attended by 161 automotive related companies, this 10 days exhibition reached a
    total transaction of 1,7 trillion rupiahs. With the addition of various extreme programs such as outdoor Drive Track
    arena and IIMS Car Audio Show, the 17th Indonesia International Motor Show drew 206.100 visitors.

    The 17th Indonesia International Motor Show will be held at 24 July- 02 August 2009. In attempt to remain progressive,
    this year the exhibition will cover bigger area around 80.000 sqm of Jakarta International Expo-Kemayoran. The 17th
    Indonesia International Motor Show is expected to draw more than 200.000 visitors, 800 local and international
    journalists and attract over 300 brands throughout the automotive industry.

    Held at 23 July to 1 August 2010, The 18th Indonesia International Motor Show still supports green theme with “Eco-
    Technology Motoring”. Covering more than 57.000sqm nett area, a total of 22 automotive brand names participate in
    the IIMS 2010. The 10 days exhibition is attended by 282.331 visitors and registered a total transaction of more than
    2,5 billion rupiahs.

    Still took place at The Jakarta International Expo, and covering a total of more than 63.000sqm nett area, The 19th
    Indonesia International Motor Show was held at 22 – 31 July 2011. Supporting “Sustainable Green Technology” as the
    main theme, 32 automotive brand names participated in the IIMS 2011. Despite of the natural disaster that struct
    several Asian area, the participant give their best at the IIMS 2011 which resulted 322.823 visitors came to the 10 days
    exhibition, and the IIMS 2011 manage to achieve a total transaction of more than 3,2 billion rupiahs.

    Supporting "Eco-Mobility" as the theme, The 20th Indonesia International Motor show has been successfully held on 20-
    30 September 2012 in the area of 70.550sqm. With a total of 41 brand participants, IIMS 2012 bring in 368.790 visitor
    and more than 4.6 billion rupiahs in total transactions.

    The 21st Indonesia International Motor Show which is held at 19-29 September 2013, covering a total gross area of
    75.101sqm IIMS 2013 is bigger than the other automotive exhibition in Asia Pacific. Supported by 38 automotive brand
    names and more than 275 supporting industries, IIMS 2013 is maximizing the show. Supporting “Smart Vehicle
    Mobility” as the theme, IIMS 2013 is visited by 373.661 visitors, and generating a total transaction more than 4.9 billion

    The 22nd Indonesia International Motor Show are going to be held at 18-28 September 2014 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, occupying a total gross area of 83.137 sqm, IIMS 2014 will show the innovation and will be supported by 36 automotive brand (29 passengers vehicle brands and 7 commercial vehicle brands) and targeting more than 275 supporting industries. IIMS 2014 will raise the theme of “Smart And Safe Mobility” and is expected to bring 380.000 visitors. 

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