Question: I have a problem, everyday i only communicate my feelings to people in order to get to Allah. For example; I feel guilty about a sin that i do and then i will regret it and ask for forgiveness constantly and only cry if i give an Islamic talk about it to warn people away from it. Every day i hate myself for only being able to express my true regret through people to Allah, i feel like im showing off and everytime i intend to do something, there is a battle between me an shaytan to do the intention for Allah. I am trying to stop speaking to boys in college but in my sociology class there are two practicing boys and everytime i talk about Islam i canít say it out load but i wisper it in fear of showing off. I then only shout or say out load Jahil stuff but i become very easily worried about what people think of me. I show off in the deen and fear i shall become a hypocrite or be led astray, itís a battle to do one deed for Allah sometimes and i feel like i canít express to Allah my full regret without using people.
Praise be to Allaah.
We ask Allah to make us and you steadfast in adherence to His religion, and to ward off from us the plots of the Shaytaan, for he is a clear enemy who seeks to lead people astray. You should note that enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil is one of the characteristics of the believers.