Motorola Industrial PDA Hits The Market

Motorola has rolled out a new model of the industrial CPC VC6096 Personal Digital Assistant that is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, making this one hardcore PDA device. It is insulated to stand up against external shocks and doubles up as a mobile computer that can be used in virtually any industrial situation without suffering wear and tear that normal handsets would after a short while. Some of the features and specifications include :-

* External 65-key QWERTY keyboard
* 6.5" color touch screen display at VGA resolution
* Two USB 1.1 ports
* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
* SD memory card slot
* XScale PXA270 624MHz processor
* 128 MB SDRAM
* 256 MB flash memory
* GSM/HSDPA networks
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
* SiRF Star III GPS chipset