Best PC007 Is No James Bond
You know superspy James Bond - suave with never a strand of hair out of place no matter how harried the situation around him is. He is able to confront baddies with the little that he has and overpower them, but unfortunately the Best PC007 does not deserve the double-oh-seven tag being a netbook that is sadly underpowered. Just check out the pretty standard specifications and see for yourself.


* 7" display at 800 x 480 resolution
* 84-key QWERTY keyboard
* SD memory card slot
* Three USB 2.0 ports
* Stereo speakers
* Ethernet port
* 400MHz XBurst processor (that's like 25% of the Atom)
* 128MB RAM (what the?!)
* 1GB internal flash storage (blasphemous!)

At the very least one is able to increase the storage space to 8GB thanks to the SD memory card slot. With such specifications, you can forget about Windows XP running on this thing - which is why it is powered by Linux instead. Tradestead Corporation is rolling out individual units for $245 a pop.