This is a small piece of a journey in Russia summer of 2009, 4900 kilometers in six days, mostly searching smaller roads beacuse getting the big adventure, started from oure homes in north sweden with destination Arkhangelsk or Moscow, ended up in Arkhangelsk near the white sea and later turned back home for another roads trough many nice Karelya villages, then up to Murmask for a fast visit, cities we also wisit too was Petrozavodsk and Kargopool, many smaller villages couldnīt count em all, only musik i`ll find suitable for a adventure like this was Hans Zimmer, Thanx for that, photos movie clips & the movie from myself, early in Russia i got wiring problem with the camera could not fix that properly so many nice scenerys got lost, of course there is many fresh or new built /reparied roads in Russia but thats not exiting as the small ones.

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