Toshiba Portege R600 ultralight laptop with 9 hours of battery life

Toshiba has launched its Portege R600, 2.4lbs uber-light laptop. It is physically similar to the R500, which shares the same weight and 283 x 215.8 x 19.5-25.5mm dimensions. What's new then?

* Faster CPU: 1.4Ghz Core Duo (vs 1.2Ghz mono-core)
* Twice the memory: 2GB vs 1GB
* Upper memory ceiling: 5GB max vs 1.5GB max
* Better graphics: Intel X4500 vs Intel 945GMS

At least, you can be assured that the R600 will be a bit faster than its predecessor (that would be lame if it wasn't, huh?). I think that the higher memory capacity is the most important point here. 1.5GB on the R500 was just idiotic. At this price, the advantages that it has over the Macbook Air are the optical drive and the number of available ports (3xUSB, VGA) - that is, if you planned to use Windows to start with.