Do you know that if you have bad qualities, most probably you got it from your peers, those you mixed with! Sometimes they might even be your family members, sometimes even your parents! So if you have a bad quality, you probably got it from somewhere, but you didn't get it from Allah, you got it from the devil! The devil came to you in the form of possibly, most probably your friends and your peers! And sometimes this devil comes in the form of your best friend. May Allah protect us! Sometimes the devil comes using the mouth of really someone who is very close to you! Satan is very sharp. He's very intelligent! So sometimes the upbringing in home is very very good but the school you send your child to they, learn an accent from that school which is totally unacceptable! They begin to speak slang! They begin to swear, they begin to cheat and steal. All that is from the school we need to be careful which schools we send our children to! We need to be careful what type of friends our children mix with, and bigger than that, more important than, what type of people we mix with ourselves. So Allah (subahaanahu wa ta'ala) says in Suratul Furqan regarding the one who did not have good company... Definitely on the day of qiyaama, they will regret.

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