How to get the seeds out (no water in a bowl) of a pomegranate in 10 seconds or less. Taking it apart in a bowl of water sucks, don't ever waste your time doing this again.
Step 1: Score the pomegranate all around its circumference.
Step 2: Pull the pomegranate apart. Be patient and try from all sides until its comes apart. This step is not entirely necessary, it only preserves the middle seeds. You can still cut it if you are short on tim,e but some of the seeds will be sliced in half.
Step 3: Loosed the pomegranate a little by pulling on the edges.
Step 4: Wack the rep side of the pomegranate with the seeds facing down with a kitchen spoon until all the seeds have emptied into a bowl.
Step 5: remove any skin chunks and enjoy.
The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing between five and eight meters tall.

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