SanDisk Sansa Fuze Gets Firmware Upgrade

SanDisk Sansa Fuze owners, sit up and take note! You little MP3 player is now able to support both Ogg and FLAC formats thanks to a free firmware upgrade, letting you enjoy lossless audio from now on while making the purchase of a pair of quality headphones essential. Some of the other features of this firmware upgrade include :-

* FLAC codec for audio is now supported
* OGG codec for audio is now supported
* New Audible AAX format is now supported
* Include embedded album art support for MP3 playback
* New Sansa startup/goodbye screen and PC connection screen
* Improved scrolling through long lists with wrap around enabled
* Backlight setting is extended up to 1 hour
* Improved FAT32 support for external uSD cards
* Improved large playlist loading time
* Improved voice recording quality responding to high sound level
* Faster volume control for video playback
* Enhancements made for Podcast playlist sorting and playback skipping