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Thread: Human Compassion in the Face of Violence !!!

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    Human Compassion in the Face of Violence !!!

    Human Compassion in the Face of Violence

    While Humans have an incredible capacity for violence and pain, they also can exhibit unimaginable acts of compassion, even at time one would least expect it. Here is an amazing series of photos, showing some of these incredible acts of selflessness and humanity.
    1. An Egyptian man, thanking an army officer after the army refused to open fire on civilians (Egypt, 2011)
    2. Christians forming a protective circle around praying Muslims during the Egyptian revolution (Egypt, 2011)
    3. A wounded Australian soldier being helped by a local during World War II. (Papua New Guinea, 1942)
    4. Two American soldiers, comforting a little girl by giving her a puppy during World War II. (France, 1942)
    5. American soldier Joseph Dawyer, carrying an Iraqi child to safety. (Iraq, 2003)

    6. A woman, blocking the advance of a military bulldozer to save a wounded protester. (Egypt, 2013)
    7. An Afghani soldier removing a terrified child from the location of a terrorist attack. (Afghanistan, 2013)
    8. An American infantryman comforting a friend as a third is working on casualty-reports. (Korea, 1950)
    9. Frank Praytor of the U.S.M.C., feeding a kitten who lost its mother to a mortar attack. (Korea, 1953)
    10. A priest forming a human shield between police and protesters during the recent revolution. (Ukraine, 2013)
    11. A Ukrainian woman, giving water to a captured Soviet soldier. (Ukraine, 1941)
    12. Richard Barnett of the U.S. Navy, comforting a child that got separated from her family. (Iraq, 2003)
    13. An American soldier, running out of the battlefield to save 2 Vietnamese children. (Vietnam, 1965-1975)
    Cont on Page 2.


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    Cont from page 1...

    14. A Bosnian soldier gave his coat to keep this baby warm after being saved during the Goražde evacuation (Bosnia, 1995)
    15. A priest, comforting a wounded soldier in the midst of sniper fire. (Venezuela, 1962)
    16. Two little boys, leading a blind man through war-torn streets. (Korea, 1951)
    17. A soldier sharing his food and water with children. (Saipan, 1944)
    18. An American soldier holding the hand of a frightened Afghan girl. (Afghanistan, 2010)
    19. German soldiers helping out a French soldier that got stuck in a muddy ditch during World War I. (France, 1916)
    20. During the riots in Istanbul, protesters helped out this wounded cop and carried him to safety. (Turkey, 2013)
    21. American soldiers, treating a wounded dog during World War II. (Guam, 1944)
    22. An East-German soldier helping a little boy pass to get to his family despite orders not to let anyone through (Germany, 1961)
    23. A Russian policeman carrying a baby to safety from a school taken by terrorists. (Russia, 2004)
    24. Community members of Ferguson, Missouri, working together to prevent looting. (U.S.A., 2014)
    25. 18 year-old Keshia Thomas, protecting a white supremacist from protesters with her body. (U.S.A., 1996)

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