He seemed a bit depressed! When I asked him how he feels, he said he was a bit tired of all the children in the house and going to work every day!
I said to him: whenever you sit with your family, praise Allah that you have children as there are people who wish for what you have!
And whenever you wake up early for work, smile! There are thousands who are jobless and wishing for what you have!
And whenever you are tired from shopping and doing your household chores, be grateful! Tens of thousands of people wish they were fit physically or financially to have what you have!
When you finish praying two rak'ah, praise Allah and smile. There are millions of buried people wishing for what you have!
And when you drive in your car or walk the streets, keep on smiling and praising Allah! Millions live in fear as it is not safe for them and they wish for what you have!
Shouldn't you be the happiest and wealthiest person on earth?