Hilary - We had a Huge Trust deficit, in part because the United States had, to be fair, we had helped to create the problem we are now fighting. Because When the Soviet Union invaded Pakistan, we had this brilliant idea that we were going to come to Pakistan and Create a force of Mujahadeen, equip them with Stinger Missiles and everything else, to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan. And we were successful, the Soviets left Afghanistan and then we said, Great, Goodbye, leaving these Trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and Pakistan, leaving them well armed, creating a mess frankly that, erm, at the time, we didnt really recognise. We were just so happy so see the Soviet Union fall and we thought ok fine, we're ok now. Everythings going to be so much better. Now you look back, the people we're fighting today, we were supporting in the fight against the Soviets.

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