This guide is to help you to improve the battery life of your PC by tweaking certain settings in the Windows operating system. General tips and suggestions will also be included.

For: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8:

- Change power plan to power saver mode
- Turn down the screen brightness to the max
- Turn down the sound or mute
- Adjust performance settings to best performance
- Disable startup programs
- Disable adapters (Ethernet, Wireless Card, Bluetooth)
- Turn off windows features
- Disable unneeded services

Other Suggestions

- Refrain from inserting usb devices, CDs or DVDs for extended periods of time
- Refrain from internet use
- Refrain from having to many things open at one time
- Refrain from CPU intensive applications, music, videos and playing videogames
- Hibernation mode is better than sleep mode

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