Round an round a cauldron dance
In gleeful plenty all night prance
Clubs in hand also banana leaves
Whack the bums of circling thieves
Our garlands boast a dodo’s beak
Claws of tigers cooked for a week
Hop and sing and guzzle too
Trail chief Unwango in what to do

The pot happily boils all night long
Party raged the braves too thronged
From coconut rinds, oft we drank
In morsels raw our teeth we sank
Dance all night then sprawl at dawn
One atop another writhe in the lawn
Yelled and yodeled and let out wails
Captives strung on trees with nails

unga bunga rum an a yum ho ho
Oh! This heaven, we’ll never let go

Went a hunting with spears and dogs
To net for the party few grunting hogs
Howling captives see crackling logs
Caught them near our favorite bogs
Their yelps ring loud amid fiery leaps
Cringe at the sight of cooked up heaps
Ah! The volcano tribes taste so good
We always look for their cobra hood

In glee we cackle our horns we blow
We eat our fill till the embers glow
Weeds, potions, rum amply drunk
Full belly belched in stupor sunk
After snorting up weed long and slow
Chief then shoots up on a single toe
Playfully tickles his wench with a hoe
Head for our caves its time we know

unga bunga rum and a yum ho ho
Oh! This heaven, we’ll never let go

saadat tahir.
30th June, 2k14.

A tongue in cheek poem for a dear friend … in loving recognition of the tribal way of life…

The treasure island-Robert Louis Stevenson
Cartoon Classics-Warner Bros.