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Size:  36.7 KB Jihad and The Greater Israel
By 'Imran Riaz'

Nowadays, we are listening a lot about Jihad, ISIS and their Caliph Mr. Abu Bakar Baghdadi. Here in this article, I would like to establish my point of view about this so called Jihad, the feast of Caliph of Mr. Abu Bakar Baghdadi and its hidden agendas. I will try to use simple logics and easy words, so my readers can easily understand the facts of Zionist based Jihad. There are some series questions. Which, we need to address and understand quiet clearly.

Are Shia Muslims are non Muslims and they are Kafir or Mushriks and if sunni Muslims fight against them, will it be justified or Will it be a halal and Jihad. For example in Syria, the Sunni Muslims Militants are fighting for their rights against Shia Muslim Govt. These are quiet alarming questions or confusion all over the sunni Muslim world. The answer is very simple. In this answer I would like to address the confusion of most of the Sunni Muslims, that shia Muslims are Muslims or Non Muslims? We can apply an easy logic to get that fact, only a Muslim is allowed to performs hajj and enter inside Mecca the holy city of Muslims. In addition, there is no ban on shia Muslims for hajj. A Shia Muslim cannot only enter inside Mecca the holy city of Muslims and can easily perform hajj. This is the biggest prove that shias are also Muslims. So now we can say that the Syrian govt. is also Muslim and fight against any Muslims state by Muslims, as far as my knowledge is concerned cannot be Jihad and cannot be justified.

Furthermore, we need to address the fact that the militants inside Syria are getting help from Zionist. As President Barack obama already announced to give $500 Million aid to Syrian opposition leader Ahmad Jarba for this so called Jihad. The U.S and some Muslim countries are already supporting these Fighters in Syria. These fighters are getting training, money, weapons and other logistic support from these countries. This aid is only helping the militants inside Syria, but also they are passing this aid to Iraq as well. Therefore, it is no secret that Zionist is supporting militants inside a Muslim country against a Muslim state. This is no Jihad, as Allah says in Quran in Suarh Maíidah O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people. It means if any Muslim who shakes his hand with a Christian or Jew and become ally in a war against any Muslim state, how we can say they are Islamic Fighters and doing Jihad, what they are doing is absolutely rubbish and in directly they are supporting Zionistís agenda and they donít know and killing innocent Muslims. So as we know the militants of Syria and Iraq are getting support from Zionist, so this is no Jihad, because Allah mentioned clearly in Quran.
Now come to another point, is the feast of Caliph of Mr. Abu Bakar Baghdadi is correct and he is the real Caliph of Muslims. I must say it is the worldís biggest lie then 9/11. First of all, that all fight which produced this Caliph is haram and illegal in Islam. Furthermore, this is very important for a Muslim Caliph that he conquered Mecca and medina the holy cities of Muslims and control the hajj, which he does not conquer, fortunately. If right now Mr. Abu Bakar Bagdadi apply for hajj and if his visa refused by Saudi Arabian Govt. Then the so called caliph of Muslims will not be able to perform hajj, and it must be a biggest joke. So there is no fact that he may be a Muslimís Caliph, itís a fake and a void joke.

Now I would like to conclude, and want to establish my point of view about all that current dramatic situation of Iraq and Syria. This current situation is very sensitive and it is very sad that the Muslim Scholars are not playing positive role and they are not giving any awareness to the Muslims world except some Muslim Scholars. As we, all know that Zionists are funding Syrian Sunni Muslims Militants against Syrian Shia Govt. On the other hand, Zionists are also funding Iraqi Shia Muslim Govt. against Iraqi Sunni Muslim Militants. It means Zionists are supporting a religious Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims fight in the region and their aid is just like supplying oil to the fire. On one side they are giving aid shia Muslims Iraqi govt. and on the other hand they are giving aid to sunni Muslims militants. So if any Muslims scholar says itís a Jihad, I must say please, donít believe on him, and if you donít believe on my words I must say you have to die with your faith and I would have to die with my faith.


In addition, what will be the expected result of this ongoing war of Syria and Iraq and who will take advantage of all this drama? I must say at the end of this war, may be in next few months the ISIS may conquer Damascus and Bagdad. They will not only destroy the shia Muslims holy places, which they already starts to damage. I would afraid to say that, they will start to kill shia Muslims as well. The ISIS already announces their caliph and they will also announce a new Islamic state and will give threat to Israel. Then the new Hollywood movie will begin which worth billions. Zionists already designed this movie and for this purpose, they are funding in that specific Middle East region. The Israel will get a reason to attack and conquer Syria and Iraq. The Zionist will do propaganda that ISIS is already killed millions of people. Now they are coming to cut our throats, if we may not attack on them they will kill us, and it is the most difficult time in the history of Jews and for Israel and please note, my word the Al Jazeera Tv will play a master role for Zionist propaganda. They will wage a great war, and Israelís war will be against Muslims but not against sunni Muslims or shia Muslims. Because they want to capture the wealth of Iraq, Syria, and it is the main step towards greater Israel.

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