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Thread: The Invisible River

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    The Invisible River

    To Zara........I wrote this while I was thinking about what you told me to think about...........We have to accept our fates...


    In our lives we have something that separates us.
    No matter how we try to be together,
    we will only drift further apart.
    Why this has to be, I do not know.
    But itís sickening that you know how you feel,
    but thereís nothing you can do about it,
    but only separate ourselves from that person.
    We have different worlds and we have to stick to that.
    In reality there a river and it is like being together,
    but we on each side.
    If you try to get to the other side,
    you drown and drift away.
    If we stay nothing will happen and we can't be anything but friends.
    We are separated from each other.
    Although we have alot in common,
    we are vary different,
    and we just have to accept that.

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    hmmm... no words to say anything.... but thanx for this post

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    We call such persons as"NIMISHA KAVI"..who writes poem in appreciating that talent RYU..A person should always be spontaneous..and so observative...that he could bring up a masterpiece in seconds..Keep it up!

    Nice post too...

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    Hey thanx Both of you I really appreciated ur comments

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