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Thread: Stones in your Kidney?home treatment for kidney stones also

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    Stones in your Kidney?home treatment for kidney stones also

    Who is likely to get stones in kidney?

    Both men and women, though kidney stones are more common in men. People with a family history are two and a half times more likely to form stones than those without family history. The highest risk occurs between the ages of 20 and 50.
    Stone formation occurs when either excessive amounts of a mineral are excreted into the urine or when the volume of fluid in your body is decreased because of dehydration.


    It's called renal colic - one of the most intense of all pains - and it's caused by pressure on the kidney due to blocked urine flow. The pain often radiates along the path of the urinary tract, beginning high in the back over the kidney and travelling to the lower abdomen, groin and even into the genitals. The pain begins suddenly and quickly becomes unbearable. Renal colic is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting not because the stomach is involved, but simply because of the severe pain.


    In about 90 per cent of all cases, kidney stones cause bleeding into the urine.

    About 80 per cent of the time, the principal mineral in a kidney stone is calcium, usually combined with oxalate (60 percent of all stones) but sometimes paired with phosphate (20 percent) or other substances like uric acid.



    * Drink lots of water and other fluids, aiming for at least two litres a day.
    * Eat moderate amounts of calcium-rich foods. Stay away from calcium supplements and vitamin D supplements, which increase the intestinal absorption of calcium.
    * Avoid foods with high levels of oxalate; spinach, beets, sweet potatoes, nuts, instant coffee, tea and chocolate head this list.
    * Avoid excessive amounts of protein, especially from meat and other animal sources. Reduce your consumption of salt, staying below the recommended maximum of 2,400 mg per day.
    * Increase your consumption of citrus fruits and juices (except apple and grapefruit juices); in addition to potassium, they provide a second helpful nutrient, citrate.

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    thnx for the info sweety??? would u plz provide some more information on easy treatment of kidney stone....

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    When we talk of home treatment for kidney stones many will have doubts. Many are scared to do this themselves because of the general idea that surgery and prescription drugs are always the best and fastest treatment option there is. Yes, this may be partly true but surgery and drugs always will have side effects and risks that are not good for the body. Drugs for instance have chemical substances that affect our bodies negatively and unnoticed.
    Home treatment for kidney stones is still the best because it is an all natural method. When it is natural it means that this treatment does not cause any adverse effects or that the body welcomes it fully. We are already provided by nature itself the ingredients to give natural treatment to our own bodies which we often neglect and opt for modern risky and dangerous methods

    The most common home treatment ror kidney stones is water. Water is essential to our bodies and the lack of this is one reason why there is accumulation of waste and formation of stones in the kidney. The proper amount of water in the body will make the kidneys and all other organs function properly. With water the kidneys will do a natural cleansing to flush these stones out of your system.

    Another of these home treatments is citric acid which is abundant in lemons. Drinking 8 10 glasses of lemonade daily will prevent and dissolve kidney stones for it to be easily eliminated from the kidneys. Vegetable and fruits juices are also effective to melt those stones out. Grapes, oranges and carrots have the natural ability to get rid of stones.

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    Home remedies is always good idea to cure kidney stone, but when the pain is coming, I suggest to take some pain reliever and try some aromatherapy to keep ppl with kidney stone relax and help ease the pain

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