(Merchant of Venice… Shylock-victim or villain?)

Tarry a while o cursed Jew
Antonio, aye, has ticks few
He be thine, upon his word
On point of sword, it be heard!
Spare him not the cold keen
To you is fair your due lean

Dealt upon himself this fate
Wretch! Easy bit thine sly bait
Shall surely suffer the lands law
Ready to face thine cursed paw
Listen ye! Oh Venetian curse
Cold thine heart like frozen hearse

Sharpen dagger thou left by right
To carve his breast with evil slight
Thou caste askance in much disdain
Greatly mirth thee captive’s pain
In thine eyes I witness brutal fire
With men’s needs ye oft conspire

Thee so zealous in vital greed
Law to see none doth bleed
Attend to what I here proceed
Ere thee play thine wicked deed
Pray be roused to spilt blood
Nary a drop, not drip nor flood

Take thine pound, be thee gone
Loose thyself in spreading dawn
Thou art but a ravenous cur
Dimes alone be thine eyes blur
Be lost in haste, ere the crowd
String thy neck, so dismal proud

saadat tahir.
25th June, 2k14.

…As appreciated by a student of Shakespeare.


A monologue with the Jew before the gathering...in ‘Merchant of Venice’
Portia, disguised as the counsel, along with Nerissa (her waiting-maid) speaks before the duke and the senators…thus addressing the Jew Shylock. Antonio and her dear husband Bassanio, unaware of her part …are in dread attendance along with the crowd.