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Thread: Getting a near Perfect shaving for guys !!!!!

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    Getting a near Perfect shaving for guys !!!!!

    shaving with skin mosturizer; recommendation for this to men for daily use too. If your face is red or bleeding after you shave, there's probably too much friction between the razor and your skin. Skin mosturizer helps reduce that friction.

    Here are the steps to be followed :

    1.clean face with a facial cleanser and exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

    2.splash warm water on face to open pores

    3.put gobs of a cheap skin mosturizer over your facial hair region

    4.put shaving cream on top of that

    5.use a clean, smooth razor (preferably one the moves back and forth with your face and bends in the middle)

    6.shave 'with the grain'. the 'grain' isn't always down so look carefully at your face and neck when you haven't shaved in a few days.

    7.splash warm water again

    8.put gobs of a cheap skin mosturizer over your facial hair region

    9.put shaving cream on top of that


    10.shave 'against the grain'

    11.splash lots of water over your face to remove excess shaving cream and mostuirizer

    and you are done ..with a smooth and shining face

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    sweety when did you come........

    and nice teaching,,,,hi!

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    thanks dear
    i sent u a pm on last sep 8 but no reply from ur side why so ?
    plz check ur inbox

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    Hi Sweety welcome back,
    thanx for the useful info actually i faced many times such a problem...

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    i'm glad to know u like this post.thnks

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