TCL iOpen-081A Handheld
The TCL iOpen-081A is one interesting handheld device, although many people might dismiss it as a simple Windows CE-powered UMPCs. Take a look at the specifications and decide for yourself.

* ARM926 processor
* 2GB NAND flash memory
* 64MB RAM
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* GPS navigation
* USB ports
* Digital camera
* SD memory card slot
* 4.3" touch screen display


It is powered by Windows CE 5.0 operating system and will retail for approximately $336. I think you'll be able to get a decent surfing experience with this device, although I would rather fork out a wee bit more and get a much more satisfying experience with a netbook. The price point is really strange, since the branded Mylo 2 is cheaper and seems to be much more desirable.