Velocity 103 Phone

Velocity Mobile has come up with a simple-named cell phone - the 103. This device might be mistaken for something from HTC's stables at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you will find a trackball located in the center. It might have Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional running in the background, but the skin used is known as the Odyssey Interface that aims to ease the painfully complex Windows Mobile user interface (when compared to the iPhone, of course). Other features of the Velocity 103 include :-

* 2.8" VGA TFT LCD touch screen display
* 640 x 480 resolution
* Qualcomm MSM7201 processor
* 128MB RAM
* 256MB NAND flash memory
* microSD memory card slot
* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
* GPS navigation
* 2 megapixel camera and VGA camera
* TV/VGA out


Interestingly enough, the Velocity 103 comes with Velocity Over The Air (VOTA) updates that lets you update the device easily without requiring to have too much tech knowledge. Expansys is placing the handset for pre-order for £324.99, and shipping will commence at the end of this month. Interesting phone, but I don't think it will make that much of a sales impact.