Philips Pronto TSU9800 Remote Control
Take one look at the Philips Pronto TSU9800 and you can be forgiven for not thinking of this as a remote control. This device comes with a generous 6.4" touch screen display that boasts VGA resolution, featuring two more buttons and a rotary wheel to give you the most pleasant navigation experience possible, all from the comfort of your favorite lounge chair. According to Philips, the TSU9800 is able to be mounted on a wall or table top by using an optional accessory. This makes it easier to not lose the remote (although that should be pretty hard considering the size) and can hook up with a home network easily through the Ethernet port located behind. Other features include a customizable user interface, controlling hidden equipment and equipment in other rooms, pre-configured lighting control, Wi-Fi connectivity and programmable macros. No idea on pricing or availability though.