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Thread: The Burning Middle East

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    The Burning Middle East

    The Burning Middle East

    By 'Imran Riaz'


    The current situation in Middle East is quiet alarming. International powers almost achieved their targets. Libya, Syria, Iraq on its knees. There is latterly un-certain condition in Egypt as well. A poor military and leadership already exist in Jordan or Lebanon from decades. There are simple questions, what is going on in Middle East, why there is un-certain condition, who is behind that play, what is the hidden agenda. The questions are complex, but the answer is simple. Because these are all Israel’s neighboring countries.

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    Israel is next super power, now there is no doubt about that and who don’t believe on my words must be living in Disney land. Jews are working on this plan since First World War, to achieve this goal, first of all they have to capture world’s wealth which is oil in simple worlds. Israel wants to capture entire Middle East. If we review the geography of Israel. We will see Lebanon in its north, Syria in northeast, Jordan in east, West Bank and Gaza Strip on the east & southwest, Egypt and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea to the south.

    By far Israel has no serious threats from Lebanon and Jordan. It is Syria, which was a threat for Israel before some years but not now. For my readers I would like to explain the geographical value of Syria for entire Gulf region and strategically for the Muslim world as well. As everybody know the Iraq and the Gulf is rich with natural resources like Oil. The Syria is the only gateway through for Israel to this wealth, As Pakistan is a gateway for U.S to Afghanistan or Afghanistan was the gateway for Russians to the warm waters towards Pakistan. Therefore, Syria is the first barrier in the way of greater Israel. Syria has Turkey in north and Iraq in west and Iraq has more than 814 Km border with Saudi Arabia. So the current condition in Iraq is ideal for Israel to threat Saudi Arabia from Iraq. One day Israel will come via Syria to Iraq and will create threats for Saudi Arabia. The conquer of Saudi Arabia is very important for Israel to captured the entire Gulf and its wealth.

    Now there is one simple argument why not Israel attack to Saudi Arabia from Jordan. Because it’s very simple and quiet easy for them. Jordan is also the neighbor of Israel and having 728 Km border with Saudi Arabia. Through the Washington Declaration on dated 25th July 1994 and later On October 26, 1994, the governments of Jordan and Israel signed a historic peace treaty. Therefore, there is no sense that Israel will do any adventure via Jordan. Because Jordan is already surrendered and left out from this big game. And it will be very difficult for Israel to assault on Jordan and defend it.

    Now the big game is very simple. First U.S attacked Iraq on fake allegations then they launch sunni and shia war in Syria to began a civil war. The military skills of Iraq and Syria is almost dead. They are not in the position to defend if any war will start. The Govt. of Bashar al Assad is only exist in Damascus & Nouri al Maliki ‘s Govt. in Bagdad. The Jews are already starting to play their cards smartly. The ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) already on screen. ISIS captured many areas of Iraq and Syria and surely, they will conquer the Bagdad, Than their next target will be Damascus. Because they call themselves sunni fighters and in Syria already shia and sunni war is going on. I afraid to say that if ISIS advances towards Damascus, surely they will get help from Sunni fighters of Syria. If they conquer Damascus. It will be a great chance for Israel to take advantage of this issue. Israel can say it is a great threat for us. Israel will not only convince west but they will get financially and military aid as well to attack on ISIS, and amazingly ISIS exist in Syria and in Iraq so if Israel advanced they will automatically will come to Saudi Arabia’s boarders via Syria and Iraq. In addition, before launch any war on Saudi Arabia, they will utilize Iraq and Syrian Natural Resources, but also they can send Militants to Saudi Arabia as well.

    I must say the entire Muslim world handled Syria’s matter very poorly; the Arab league is responsible for this. We all know that there are many issues between sunni and shia Muslims, and enemies withdrew the benefits. Now the safety of the Syria is very important for all Muslim World. Because if Israel and any other power takeover Syria, It will be a great disaster for Muslims, because it is a gateway to Gulf and Gulf is rich of natural resources and with very poor military skills. We also cannot ignore Iran and Russia as well. If ISIS will attack on Shia’s holly places, it will be a very difficult for Iran to keep silent, as Iran’s fighter already exist in Iraq and in Syria. The Arab League plays a terrible role, although they are as responsible as Bashar al Asad for current Syrian condition. Israel is playing its card very well. All the Middle East is burning. It will help Israel to advance towards its target so easily in next few years, when they will capture all the natural resources of Middle East and ask the world, we are only deal in commodities. If you need oil, than please give us Gold. When US dollar collapse. The time is not far when our next generation will witness a new super power the Greater Israel . The safety of Syria is very important for the safety of Gulf and the safety of Gulf is very important for Muslims. It’s not a sunni or shia war in Middle East. It is a big game.
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